(In addition to the following information regarding changes to Siggraph 2008, next year they will begin holding “Siggraph Asia” which will move around from country to country in the area from year to year. It is still unknown what impact this will have on the main Siggraph conference in the US)

After attracting 24,043 to San Diego last week for SIGGRAPH 2007, the 34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, the 2008 edition will institute fundamental conference changes “to bring attendees a synergistic, educational experience resulting from a content selection process that affords focus on timely industry themes rather than strictly on presentation type. The conference changes will be enacted in 2008 and are also anticipated to further foster more fluid cross-program collaboration.”

The software giant is one of the most prolific presenters at the SIGGRAPH 2007 show.

Think of companies doing state-of-the-art research in computer graphics, and you might guess names such as Industrial Light & Magic, Adobe Systems Inc., or Nvidia Corp.

But at this week’s SIGGRAPH 2007, for more than three decades the most prestigious international conference for academic and industrial computer graphics research, Microsoft researchers will be presenting or co-presenting one out of every eight papers.

Daytime activities at Siggraph are all about work: Programmers and technology people meet with vendors about upcoming products; HR departments as well as artists ‘work the booth’ to recruit new talent. They also ‘work the suite’ – interviewing prospective candidates in plush ’secret’ hotel suites; Fresh out-of-school noobs & seasoned veterans alike ‘walk the floor’ and job fair looking a job; etc, etc, etc.

I’m back from Siggraph. It was pretty silly of me to think I’d have time to post at all while I was there.

To answer Jac’s question and expand on Gabe’s reply, yes, Siggraph is the annual week-long computer graphics conference with about 30-40,000 people from around the world for everything from games to visual effects. There are extensive courses in the latest technology and innovations, “emerging technologies” (hands-on exhibitions of new stuff that most people won’t see for years, if ever), a huge convention floor with software and hardware vendors in addition to studios that are hiring, etc. And then there are the parties. All in all, it is non-stop, morning through night, resulting in the need to recover for a good week afterwards.

After investing some serious dough in the famed Cell processor powering its PlayStation 3, it’s little surprise that Sony actually wants to make a profit off the platform — and since the console wars haven’t been all that favorable to Kutaragi’s baby, the company is looking to enterprise as another potential source of ROI.

The first fruits of this effort will be borne at next week’s SIGGRAPH conference, where Sony will unveil a prototype computer board based around the multi-core CPU and sporting an RSX graphics processor. This so-called Cell Computing Board is targeted at 19-inch rack mount systems, and it promises to put on quite a show at SIGGRAPH by performing real-time processing of the type of 4K footage captured by Red Digital Cinema’s RED ONE.

Glenn Entis, Senior Vice President & Chief Visual and Technical Officer at EA, will be giving the keynote address at this year’s Siggraph on Monday August 6th. 1:30-3:30pm. The subject of his address willl be “Upcoming Challenges For Interactive Graphics In Videogames”. This will be the first time that the keynote address at Siggraph has been selected from videogames.

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